Y-COM Electronic Technology Co., LTD

     Y-COM offers intelligent terminal solution based on Rockchip family chips under the cooperation modes of PCBA and Open-BOM.
There are three main products in the company. the first is universal MID focused on WIFI(+BT) and ISDB digital TV; the second is ODM MID such as learning pad, GMS certificated products, CE and FCC Safety Approval products and so on; the third is special customized product such as intelligent running machine and microwave oven which are on mass production. Y-COM have developed several products including single-core RK292X, dual-core RK3066, RK302X, RK3168, and quad-core RK3188.


ADD:Floor 2 west, Building 5,Area A, Internet industrial base, Baoyuan Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City

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