Shenzhen Integration Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.

     Shenzhen Integration Multimedia Technology (IMT) Co., Ltd is one of high-tech enterprises with foreign capital investment. IMT has been focusing on Rockchip solution based Tablet, TV box & Dongle in the past several years.
     As one of Rockchip's major IDHs (Independent Design House), we spent so much engineering efforts on Single-Core (RK2908), Dual-Core (RK3066/ 3168/ 3026/ 3028A) & Quad-Core (RK3188) solutions. And we have been working closely with some brands & channels for both domestic and export market, like Aigo, Geniatech, QVOD , Nexus, ASKEY (Asus Subsidiary company) , AKAI, Reliance Digital, Blusens, etc. .
     And now, we’re providing full range tablet solutions with 3G/ GPS function and dedicated software customization(Driver/ Framework/ UI level) for Box/ Dongle application. We’re trying to provide you with our value-added service to meet your demanding requirement.


ADD:Room 205, 2/F, No.5 Building, Qiong Yu Road/ KeFeng Road, Nanshan Science Park, Shenzhen

TEL:Zhang  Yi Nan:13502801469   Wang  Wei  Zheng:13823746050