Pulierde Linux Smart Cast A3 Officially Launched! Powered by Rockchip RK3036


With the video content operator as the core channel, the intelligent dongle devices have become another market chance. The eco-chain constituted by chip solutions, video content operators and hardware manufacturers are increasingly matured, gradually playing an important role in various scenarios, including business, entertainment, household, etc.

Pulierde has launched the Smart Cast A3. Being small, handy and easy to operate, the product is highly popular after the mass production and release into the market. The Pulierde A3 Smart Cast satisfies user’s demands for watching resources shared on big screens to a great extent. Thanks to the H.265 technology, users can play the H.265 encoded FHD videos online. Compared with the 720P image quality previously, it is a considerable enhancement in user’s visual experience.

Pulierde A3 adopts Rockchip RK3036 solution, which supports H.265 local hardware decoding, Android/IOS/Windows/MAC all-platform system, HDMI output and the transport Miracast/DLNA/Airplay Mirroring.


Three highlights of the RK3036 platform:


1. Save system space, eliminate redundancy and support the handy Linux OS


Compared with the traditional Android Miracast Dongle devices, RK3036 solution adopts Linux OS, avoiding the problems of stability and bad experience caused by mass redundant junk files in Android.

2. Save the cost of memory, demand for memory decreases by 10 times


The adoption of Linux OS RK3036 solution may reduce the cost of terminal products by 2/3. Compared to the reliance of the Android System on hardware, RK3036 supports hardware with a minimum memory of only 64M DDR+8MB FLASH, a decrease of nearly 10 times that of the demand of the Android System for memory. Thus, it has substantially optimized the cost of peripheral electronic components.


3. Support H.265 local decoding and Miracast experience of super low power consumption on mobile phones


It supports H.265 local hardware decoding for mirroring so that the mobile phone does not have to perform algorithm, thus substantially reducing the power consumption of the mobile phone. Compared to H.264, H.265 encoded videos save 50% of the bandwidth with the same image quality and the error rate is lower with the mosaic decreasing up to 59%. RK3036 is the only chip solution that supports H.265 among the entry-level dongle.


In addition to the content integration through RK3036 by hardware manufacturers such as Pulierde to enhance the product competitiveness, for Internet content operators, the commercial value is larger. Currently, all the domestic mainstream video websites support H.265 encoding format, such as iQIYI, XUNLEI, YOUKU, etc. The adoption of the RK3036 dongle solution does not only bring multiplying efficiency for content output and more affordable prices, but also adds more diversified mixes in membership marketing and terminal marketing. In the smart cast market dominated by the video operator channel, technology is driving the future of business and the new round of trend is on its way.



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