Rockchip VR Camera Solution released in CES 2017! Showing the layout of VR+ market


CES2017 continues its excellent trend in terms of global VR industry and attracts a number of hardware, platform and content suppliers this year. The chip manufacturers of Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm and the equipment manufacturers of HTC, Oculus, SONY, Samsung and Huawei issue the well worth-seeing new technologies and flagship models. In addition, Rockchip shows its VR solution sets from play terminal to shooting field, boasting them as the new highlight in this field. 

1.360° VR panoramic camera based on RV1108

Based on Rockchip visual image processing solution RV1108, this camera solves the industrial problems with the following three advantages: 1. 3D 360° panoramic shooting; 2. Shoot-and-image function without secondary split joint by client-side; 3. High-performance image solution with “wide dynamic” image quality.  

As a blockbuster for IoT field produced by Rockchip, RV1108 is embedded with CEVA XM4 visual processor DSP and supported by smart image processing and other technologies, up to 600MH. It provides VR panoramic camera with excellent performance in terms of wide dynamic, light sensitivity, definition, backlight and night-vision imaging based on the advantages of professional image processing unit technology. 

RV1108 solution-based VR panoramic camera integrates high-performance encoders. Terminal products based on RV1108 can locally encode and convert the video into standard VR format in real time without any follow-up processing, and the output video can be directly watched in any VR equipment. 

2. 3D-VR camera based on RK3399

3D-VR camera solution launched by Rockchip adopts flagship chip RK3399, big.LITTLE structure, Dual-core Cortex-A72+ Quad-core Cortex-A53 with dual camera input and dual ISP real-time processing. GPU adopts Mali-T860 image processor. With large optimization potential in terms of integer number, floating point and memory, its CPU features high performance and low consumption. 

Supporting various algorithms, 3D VR camera solution can be used in 3D camera. Higher-performance CPU, image processor and software algorithm create better image details, image quality and professional 3D effect for VR 3D video, realizing cinema-level quality and deep immersion. 

3. All-in-one VR camera and split VR camera supporting voice recognition
As the first chip manufacturer of VR solution layout in China, Rockchip displays its mature and mass-produced VR terminal equipments in CES2017, including voice-controlled all-in-one VR camera and split VR camera. In addition, VR camera can directly play video with SD card. 

The two types of VR cameras meet three standards of VR industry: 20ms latency, more than 75Hz screen refresh rate and more than 1K gyroscope refresh rate. Rockchip VR camera solutions have outstanding capacity of 4K 360° panoramic video decoding, can support 2K/dual FHD screen, distortion-resistant, dispersion-resistant and pupil distance optical algorithm of software, left-and-right split screen of both software and hardware and other technical characteristics. 

With advantages in terms of video and audio technologies, all-in-one VR camera and split VR camera launched by Rockchip highlight their innovation, meet the market demands of various application scenes and show their advantage in product experience. 

VR involves many aspects from hardware to contents and from back-end technology to front-end display. Therefore, the construction of ecosystem is essential to VR industry with long industrial chain. Rockchip not only shows its diversified VR solutions, but also extends its product line to contents shooting and terminal software and hardware in CES2017, benefiting the cooperative terminal product manufacturer to construct the highly-competitive device matrix in VR product line. 

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