The second generation standard of VR all-in-one launched! Powered by RK3288, Fujitsu FV200 opens man-machine interactive era!


Are you still bothered by the touching buttons on VR all-in-one? The first intelligent voice control 5.5 inch VR all-in-one Fujitsu FV200 is already launched! 

Powered by RK3288, perfectly matches second generation standard of VR all-in-one, with quad-core cortex-A17 processor and Mali-T764 GPU. Also the performance of RK3288 in VR is lower than 20ms latency, over 75Hz screen refresh rate and over 1K gyroscope refresh rate. It supports optical software against distortion, dispersion, pupil distance adjustment algorithm and solve the problem of vertigo from optimizing of definition, visual distortion processing, gyroscope accuracy and stability, etc.

【The second generation standard of VR all-in-one】:
1. 2K high resolution screen
2K High resolution IPS screen (2560x1440) can reduce image particle on the screen. The second generation of distortion correction algorithms can restore true virtual scene, solve the distortion which cause dizziness problem.


2. Realize human-computer interaction - Voice control + Camera
Voice control: hands-free and easily control the machine
Camera: gesture control, space orientation

3. Stable gyroscope algorithm
The second generation of gyroscope algorithm is more stable, and can solve dizziness problem.


Fujitsu FV200 VR all-in-one can fully satisfy  the second generation standard of VR all-in-one, and there are some other features, such as light distance induction,  direct connection with mobile HDD etc. In terms of content, adjusting measures to local conditions, the multidimensional immersion system, users can download and install different kinds of apps. Built-in game mall, 3D video online aggregation platform, panoramic view images and videos make the VR experience amazing!


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