Applications of RV1108 solution| Dual-eye 360 degree 3K panoramic video camera solution on show in Hong Kong and attracts attention!


Demand for larger viewing angle and better watching experience predicts a development trend of videos. Panoramic video camera device meet a development opportunity. Panoramic video camera equipped with Rockchip intelligent visual platform RV1108 was on show in Hong Kong today. With dual HD big fish-eye lens, 3600 professional pictures of panoramic view can be caught.

Buit-in DSP, Rockchip RV1108 visual platform has key technologies such as intelligent image processing technology, and it has the following three technical features:  
1.      SupportDual-eye 360° 3K splicing inside
2.      Support remote panoramic human shape surveillance and detection and automatic recording are supported
3.      Support 9-axle electronic anti-shake  

Through a powerful computing platform, RV1108 supports image splicing inside the device, outputs images directly via HDMI and network interface, and supports online live broadcasting and one-touch sharing. In terms of video decoding, RV1108 coder and decoder support 3K/H.264 quality of pictures. Coupling with mobile surveillance, human face identification and low-light-level night vision, its applications in action camera and panoramic camera can acquire significantly improved effects.

Rockchip RV1108 is powerfully open and programmable, and diversified thoughts and directions for products are available for its cooperative partners, and it can be applied widely in automobile, security monitoring, home assistive robot, action camera and UAV.  


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