Rockchip 2in1/PC-like product solutions on show in Hong Kong!


During Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition, Rockchip displayed several 2in1 tablets and PC-like product solutions, ranging from brand new RK3368H solution with highest performance-cost ratio to RK3288/RK3399, high-end solutions. 


I. RK3368H-  high performance-cost ratio 8-core 64-bit solution

RK3368H is an upgraded version of RK3368, which has better performance and is more cost effective. Internal process of RK3368H is optimized; internal modules such as HDMI and Ethernet are reduced to improve bus efficiency. In terms of hardware, PINTOPIN is maintained with RK3368, and formerly designed hardware can be directly mounted to use. RK3368H supports Android 7.1, runs a higher score (as high as 48000 in antutu) and chip performance is given to full play. Its technical advantages are as follows:

1. 64-bit big.little architecture, Octa-core Cortex-A53, and frequency is up to 1.5GHz;
2. GPU is PowerVR SGX6110;
3. Support H.264 H.265 video decoding
4. Support light office OS such as Remix,Phoenix and Light Biz OS 


II. RK3399-high-end tablet/2in1/Android PC solution

RK3399 is a main solution for Rockchip PC-like products, and it can be used in 2in1 tablet, Android PC and Chromebook. Dual-core Cortex-A72 + Quad-core Cortex-A53 of big.LITTLE architecture are adopted, and Mali-T860 image processor is employed in GPU. In terms of CPU, integer, floating point and memory are optimized greatly, featuring high performance, low power consumption and rich interfaces. Advantages of main solutions are as follows:  

1. Dual USB3.0 Type-C interfaces are integrated, and audio and video output at Display Port of Type C is available;
2. With MIPI/eDP interfacessupport 2560×1600 display and double-screen display
3. Built-in PCI-e interface supports high-speed PCI-e-based Wi-Fi and memory extension
4. Support high band-width LPDDR4
5. Dual ISP pixel processing capability is as high as 13MPix/s, and 3D images are supported; 
6. Android and Linux OS are compatible. 




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